English to start with children is China's sorrow Wang Chong My child just turned three years old, recently received a Children's English educational institutions frequently call. What is the U.S. foreign teachers, all-English teaching and learning environment, so that your child an early age trained to a pure English, and so on. Charges, of course a lot of money, about 5,000 yuan a month or so. The parents of the surrounding, but also as early as their children learn the English language, "have learned may not be advantages, not to learn is definitely a disadvantage." Addition to China, no country will emphasize to the English language more important than the national level. This is absolutely sad. Behind the language of culture, and culture behind the strength of the prevalence of English in the world to win the Anglo-American system and results. Although China's rapid economic development, but soft power is not enough, language and culture development has lagged behind economic development, lack of self-confidence and therefore I have the worship of the English language; worship of the English language is actually a manifestation of this culture is not self-confidence. At present, the world's 20 million people learn English, in which a large number in China, more than 200 million middle school students struggle to English exam, students as well as to over 46 crazy back words. European countries can be a lot of people who speak two or three languages, but in Germany, a large country such as France, have attached great importance to the protection of the national language. In the German language constantly subject to external shocks case, the German political and academic circles has repeatedly proposed to formulate a law to protect the German language, German Linguistics Society also put forward, the German Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Culture and the state should improve teaching and improve primary and secondary school German German Teaching quality. France, too, if you go to ask for directions in English, French tourist, or even someone pretending to not understand and ignore. Only that in China, the extent of the importance of English far more than their mother tongue. This point, even the foreigners have also been detected. August 29 the British "The Independent" published an article entitled "Crazy English: Chinese language teachers how to become a celebrity." The article said that in China, English, will facilitate your travel, raise your social status, English teachers have also become a "celebrity." It is undeniable that the Chinese people's enthusiasm for the English language along with the reform and opening up began, is the inevitable product of an open, but also the exchange of the Chinese people longing for and an inevitable product of the outside world. The product of the compulsory education sector in the country promoted by the rapid development gradually evolved into a rigid studies a compulsory subject at the same time, excessive commercial development also make it from one language into a tool for profit-making businesses. It is reported that the value of China English training industry, 15 billion yuan, there are more than 50000 language training institutions, in Beijing, at least 20 million people each year on a variety of English classes. There is a demand there is market, but the cause of this deformity in part because the market demand, the provisions of the education sector. The beginning of reform and opening up the importance of English is a great benefit, but now the emphasis is clearly excessive. For example, university graduates do not pass 4 is an outdated provisions can not be. In fact, most people a lifetime less than a few in English, the whole country to learn English, too much input, output is too small. In this connection, the education sector does not seem to realize that. It is reported that from 2009 onwards, Shanghai University will "test the water" all-English teaching and training with the international competitiveness of the various talents. This year the first program in information, finance, law, life sciences and other fields project construction 30-50 model curriculum entirely in English. ( "Xinmin Evening News" October 12) In this regard, I am skeptical, is there a high enough level of teacher? There is no such need? Will not create a few elites at the same time, delayed most of the students? Linguistic Society of Germany, I would like to quote the words of President Ange Li Kaleideer answer these questions. In 2008, the German institutions of higher education plans to replace German as the medium of instruction in English, but Raeder expressed opposition, she said: "If the English become the official language, it became a national language dialects, we can only speak in their own homes their mother tongue, this gives the impression that the same as in the formerly colonized. " For the future of talent involved in foreign affairs and practical ability to strengthen the English language is necessary, there are those who need to spend money to learn English is beyond reproach, but a national mandatory learning is totally unnecessary. Chinese ancients said that the industry specializing in surgery, everyone to learn English only produce all the people mad, and this crazy business interests are being forced to take part under the erosion of kindergarten children. You know, merchants will say this sentence: the child's best to earn money. This implies that the parents hopeful psychology. English, to raise the social status, an important part of going abroad, therefore, must start from childhood. In fact, no need. English is not difficult, a British farmer, a lifetime that is used in 1,500 words. An IQ of any normal 3-year-old child thrown into the United Kingdom or the United States, kindergarten, after six months are a fluent English. My college teacher, not forcing people back English words, but rather to force us back classical. His view is that native-speaker level to a certain extent, the foreign language actually very simple. Daoshi articles are written is not even fluent in Chinese, but also worrying.

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现在越来越注重英语早教了, 选择早教的时候参考过很多,最终选择的是贝乐学科英语,对比了很多,感觉这家不错!

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效果挺好的, 在瑞思和贝乐都上过体验课,现在孩子也一直在贝乐英语上课,他们都是外教教学。

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身边很多人都在说早教的重要性,尤其是英语,要从小抓起。我担忧的主要有两点,教师与环境。语言的学习一定要有正统的发音,而且我们总说的“磨耳朵”也就是在说环境的重要性,我们家长很难给到一个英语的环境,很多早教机构也难以达到。在对比了很多早教机构后我选择了唐尼,首先他源于加拿大,教师资质优良,小班制教学,学习效果有保障;每班配有外籍教师执教,中籍助教协助跟踪辅导;学习形式多样,包括歌曲、对话 、表演和小组讨论等。

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